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Benikea Suwon Hotel is located in front of Suwon city hall, the center of business in Suwon & Kyunggi region accommodating comfortable business environment and embracing cultural facilities such as Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, culture & art center, outdoor concert hall which offers business efficiency as well as recharging environment. On top of that, Benikea Suwon Hotel is in the vicinity of various historical monuments of Suwon, shipping malls and variety of restaurants. Under this geographic merit, our guests can enjoy various entertainment & shopping along with its business convenience even for a short stay.

Benikea Suwon Hotel is designed to offer comfortable resting circumstance after a successful business day with reasonable room rate. With All suite level spacious room having high speed internet, business center, whirlpool Jacuzzi, steam sauna, large PDP of cutting edged audio/video multi-media system and various customer services like multi-menu breakfast buffet, laundry, transportation for morning commuting, Benikea Suwon Hotel has full line of conditions for successful business activity and home-like leisure for guests.

Benikea Suwon Hotel is one of chain branches of Benikea Suwon Hotel, the hotel chain brand with economical package in Korea. All our crew pursues endless improvement and creation for our customers’ satisfaction.

Experience high quality service for your successful business.

General manager